Jobs and Livelihoods

MIRPS Regional Technical Team

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Costa Rica

El Salvador





Costa Rica

Advisory panel

2024 Objective



Promote the self-reliance of refugees and other displaced or stateless communities by facilitating access to decent work and entrepreneurship, through the employability mechanisms of involved government institutions; national legislation and relevant policies; and by facilitating the recognition of competencies, knowledge and skills, with the support and assistance of the members of the MIRPS Support Platform, and in partnership with the private sector and civil society.

2024 Products

Regional strategy for linking public employment systems for socioeconomic inclusion incorporating refugees, asylum seekers, people at risk of statelessness and stateless persons.

Regional strategy for the recognition of skills in MIRPS states.

Tools to facilitate livelihood for refugees, asylum seekers, stateless persons, and people at risk of statelessness based on people’s skills for the labor market.

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