Local Integration Programme through relocation for labour market insertion

Mexico supports the integration of refugees and persons with complementary protection into the Mexican labour market, through intergovernmental and inter-institutional coordination, with the support of UNHCR, and by linking the private sector in different states of the country.


Mexico – Relocation of people from the south of the country to central and northern locations.


As part of the MIRPS, from 2022. Expected to continue.



Through different interventions at the federal, state and municipal levels, a coordination mechanism has been established that promotes the inclusion of refugees in the different programmes and services in the localities while linking them through the National Employment Service and other bodies to formal labour insertion.


The programme is innovative in seeking alliances with the SNE and business chambers to reach a larger number of employers using spaces for dialogue and training, while UNHCR took advantage of the opportunity to accompany the SNE in its role as advisor in the search for employment for refugees. The collaboration with SAT was innovative as it managed to address a recent problem of long wait times to obtain an RFC that affects workers in Mexico.


The support is of high impact as it allows refugees to be linked to formal and decent work, which is a key factor in guaranteeing their integration in the country, allowing them to generate a decent income to cover the needs and aspirations of themselves and their families. At the same time, it has been possible to raise awareness among employers about the refugee context in Mexico, and the documents held by refugees with a view to facilitating their recruitment process. This has resulted in attracting more employers to provide decent work opportunities for refugees.

Lead Entity and Partners


Ministry of the Interior through the Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid and the National Migration Institute, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare through the National Employment Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs through AMEXCID, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit through the Tax Administration Service, Ministry of Public Education through the sub-secretariats of basic, secondary and higher education, Industrial Work Training Centres, CONOCER, Offices for the Protection of Children and Adolescents, Integral Family Development System, private sector through companies, among others.

Linked MIRPS Commitment

Updated commitments in 2022 under Employment and Livelihoods.

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