CAMI “Francisco Paz”: Temporary housing for people in situations of human mobility

The National Institute of Migration (INM) as the migration authority responsible for executing the migration policy established by the Government of the Republic, recognizes the risks faced by refugees and migrants in an irregular situation and their families who transit through Honduran territory, participating in mixed movements, i.e. people who migrate for economic factors in search of improving their quality of life and people who fled for risk factors or threats due to insecurity and violence in their countries of origin and seek safety and protection.

In this regard, the INM adopts necessary measures to improve the protection of their rights and safety, with processes and procedures to identify immediate needs and refer or coordinate in a timely manner with the competent authorities in cases of persons in need of international protection, assisted voluntary return, or in cases where there are indications of being victims of gender violence, crimes related to irregular migration, human trafficking and smuggling of migrants.


Honduras (Danlí, El Paraíso)


Since January 13, 2023, and considered to be maintained as a Center of Attention to the Irregular Migrant, with a view to developing an Integral Center for the effective and differentiated attention to refugees, migrants, and other people in need of international protection.



As of December 31, 2023, more than 36,500 refugees and migrants have been assisted.

Lead Entity and Partners


National Institute of Migration (INM). Humanitarian assistance activities in conjunction with international cooperation NGOs and CSOs.

Linked MIRPS Commitment

Implement assistance and protection pathways that facilitate the reception of, attention to and referral of cases.