Parallel High-Level Event – GRF

MIRPS and the MIRPS Support Platform: Protection and Solutions in Central America and Mexico

13 December, 2023

This side event will spotlight how GRF pledge cultivation in the framework of the MIRPS matching with Support Platform Members has resulted in the development of pledges that represent joint MIRPS commitments for 2024 and beyond. These MIRPS Pledges, to be applied concretely at the national level, will also guide the forthcoming annual MIRPS Regional Action Plans and Chair Strategies for the MIRPS Support Platform.

Two panels will bring together representatives of MIRPS States, MIRPS Support Platform Members, displaced persons, the private sector, and civil society to illustrate their commitments and perspectives on protection and solutions in Central America and Mexico.

Concept Note



MIRPS Regional Pledges

MIRPS Pledge on Asylum

Linked to Multistakeholder Pledge on Asylum Capacity Strengthening, through the MIRPS Working Group on Strengthening Asylum Systems, led by Mexico.

MIRPS Pledge on Integration of Displaced Persons

Linked to Mega-Pledge onEconomic Inclusion and Social Protection, through the Working Group on Jobs and Livelihoods led by Costa Rica.

MIRPS Pledge on Local Governance

Linked to Multistakeholder Pledge: Call to Local Action for Migrants and Refugees

MIRPS Pledge on Statistical Inclusion

Linked to the Multistakeholder Pledge: Inclusion of Forcibly Displaced and Stateless Persons in National Statistical Systems and Surveys.